tree cutting service team on the Muriel Job
Our Tree Cutting Services Team attending to tree cutting at Muriel Mine
Tree Cutting Services Team cutting trees along main road for Intertoll
Our Team on a Project for Intertoll: Cutting & Trimming Trees along main road from Nyazura to Rusape Tollgate








We are a family owned business with a passion for tree care. Our passion ranges from tree cutting, tree pruning and stump removal. TCS was started ten years ago by Tanaka Ngomba. His passion for seeing trees grow, bud and make things and life easier for everything around them inspired him to dedicate efforts towards this natural resource.


About Us : The Team


At TCS Zimbabwe, we have a well, experienced and dedicated team that will cater for all your tree needs. Our determination to see you live a fulfilling life after your tree management is well profound.