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Tree Cutting services also offers tree topping in Harare. As a dedicated tree cutting services company, we also remove the top parts of trees or large branches, leaving stubs or lateral branches that are too small. Other common names for the process are hat racking, heading, rounding over and tipping.

tree topping pictureThere are a lot of reasons you can call us for tree topping services in Harare and Zimbabwe. One important reason is you would want more light penetration if an area is too shady.

Tree topping is also done to stimulate new growth. When a tree is topped, many shoots, known as suckers begin to grow from the wound. This is the sudden response of the tree to the sudden loss.

Most people and companies also hire us for aesthetics reasons.  A tree may be blocking the mountain view, shading the garden, or interfering with solar energy collection.

As a professional tree company in Harare, we will provide tree topping services without damaging your tree. If not done carefully, the tree can suffer significant stress. Whgen the process is also not done well, newly formed bark mnay be susceptible to sun scald. Prolonged exposure can severely damage the bark, thus creating an attractive home for decay causing organisms.

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