Our Tree Cutting Projects

1. Group Five Projects

Group Five is a multinational company with headquarters in South Africa. They have been contracted by Zinara to maintain most main roads in Zimbabwe. Part of the maintenance exercise entails sub contracting for tree cutting and trimming the main roads.

Tree Cutting Services Team cutting trees along main road for Intertoll

Tree Cutting Services (Pvt) Ltd is proud to state that we have been engaged by Group Five on several tree cutting and trimming exercises. These exercises include:

  1. Trimming and Cutting Trees from Kuwadzana to Norton Karina
  2. Trimming and Cutting Trees from Harare to Marondera
  3. Trimming and Cutting Trees from Mocambique Border to Mutare Tollgare
  4. Trimming and Cutting Trees from Mutare Tollgate to Nyazura
  5. Trimming and Cutting Trees from Nyazura to Rusape Tollgate.

Reasons we have been engaged by Group Five

  1. Our strict adherence to safety protocols. Our onsite risk assessment is sound.
  2. Untainted history of delivering project deadlines and goals within time frames.
  3. Dedication to values of integrity, honesty and dedication.

2. Muriel Mine

tree cutting service team on the Muriel Job
Our Tree Cutting Services Team attending to tree cutting at Muriel Mine

At Muriel Mine, Tree Cutting Services was engaged in cutting 50 high risk trees. The trees were located in various locations that include above high voltage power lines, close to buildings and other critical infracture. We are proud to say the project was completed without any damage to property and no injury.

Other Projects

  1. Lafarge Holcim
  2. Afdis