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trimming servicesTrimming Services are important. Trees need care and maintenance in these circumstances so that they do not become dangerous or you need to keep them in their healthiest condition to survive. Hence trimming services and pruning need to be done on a regular basis throughout spring and summer.

Although some individuals are tree enthusiasts who take pleasure in trimming & pruning services, they can accidentally trim their branches too much or make shrubs bare. TRS Zimbabwe does it best and we are here to help. When selecting trimming & pruning services companies it is advisable to trim your hiring list from 10 to 3 or 4. Here are crucial factors you should look into when choosing the best tree trimming services professional. Any tree trimming or pruning service should be able to provide information about their business and the job, including:

  • Traceable References
  • Cost Estimates
  • Insurance
  • Time estimate for the trimming job

Tree trimming services should also be able to answer questions about their business and the their team, related to their techniques and their background. Some information you need also to ask is whether they use spikes on their shoes when climbing trees to trim them. They should never do this as this damages trees. You also need to know if they will dispose of the limbs and branches after completing the job and whether they do background checks on their teams.

Finally they should sign a contract with you detailing the work to be done in the estimated amount of time for the quoted amount.

Trimming & Pruning Services to small and large established trees

Trimming and pruning services of large trees should be left to qualified tree care professional who have proper equipment and expertise like us. Tree Cutting Services Zimbabwe provides crown thinning (selectively removing branches on young trees which promotes better form and health by increasing light penetration and air movement. Crown raising can also be done. This involves removing lower branches on developing mature trees to allow more clearance above lawns, sidewalks and streets.

trimming & pruning services
Crown Thinning

TRS also provides crown reduction tree care services where larger branches at the top of the tree is done to reduce its height.