Frequently Asked Tree Cutting Questions (FAQs)

Thinking of cutting down a tree? Simple? Wrong. Here are the following frequently asked questions about tree removals.

Who can cut down my tree?

frequently asked tree cutting questions

Anyone trained in chainsaw handling can cut down a tree very well. Even someone who has little experience can fell a small tree. However, cutting a tree comes with it with some dangers as there a proper tree cutting techniques to observe. You can be injured by a chainsaw or you can damage critical infrastructure. If the tree to cut is in a complex situation, call a certified and insured tree cutting company Tree Cutting Services (Pvt) Ltd


When must I cut down  tree?

A tree should only be cut down if there is no option. Trees are important to the planet. Trees are life. However, trees can be cut down in the following situations:

  1. If the tree is dead and poses hazards to people and property.
  2. Gets Diseased or insect infested.
  3. It is blocking construction or other critical infrastructure.

How much does it cost to cut down a tree?

The cost of cutting down a tree depends on various factors. According to various factors, tree removals can cost USD30, USD300, USD500 or even more in Harare. Different variables are taken into consideration when looking at the cost of cutting down a tree.

  1. The size of the tree, its girth, proximity to buildings and power lines are the determining factors.
  2. Whether the tree needs to be cut or trimmed.
  3. Whether the tree has to be cut into small logs, has to be hauled away (clearance)or there are tree stumping costs.

What can I do if there are power lines nearby where I want to cut the tree?

In Zimbabwe, you should seek a permit from the power utility company, ZESA. They can give you a tree cutting permit. They usually charge a fee (USD20)