Intertoll Highway Tree Cutting and Trimming

Intertoll Highway Tree Cutting and Trimming

Tree Cutting Services (Pvt) Ltd is a large company that can tackle any tree cutting and trimming service in Harare and Zimbabwe. It has completed the following projetcs for Intertoll Zimbabwe.

1. Tree Cutting and Trimming – Kuwadzana Roundabout to Norton Karina

2. Tree Cutting and Trimming – Mutare Mocambique Border to Mutare Tollgate.

3. Tree Cutting and Trimming – Mutare Tollgate to Nyazura

4. Tree Cutting and Trimming – Nyazura to Rusape Tollgate.

Intertoll Highway Tree Cutting and Trimming Success

In all these projects, Tree Cutting Services  (Pvt) Ltd has demostrated its ability to tackle big and complex projects. We have been successful in all these tree cutting projects because of the following:

A. Our strict adherence to Intertoll deadlines and timeline.

B. Our fool proof company safety ethic and culture.

C. We are well resourced and capitalised even in adverse economic circumstances. This is because we have built rewarding and mutually beneficial partnerships with financiers and capital providers.

D. Other reasons that we have been successful is we are professional, insured we know what we do.

Intertoll is a fully-integrated South African based road management, toll systems developer and tolling company with existing operations in Africa since 1985 and in Eastern Europe since 1995.


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  1. Great company to engage in tree cutting, trimming and stumping. It’s the company of choice in Harare and Zimbabwe. From the look of that picture, this company prioritizes safety and team work. Kudos to this company. This company will reach great heights. May God bless

  2. I agree with you Tatenda. Chakanaka chakanaka. Intertoll cannot just give a company that resides underneath a tree. Kkkk. Vanhu ava vanoziva zvavanoita. I will engage them for Tree Cutting Harare. Seriously.

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