Reasons for removing deadwood Harare

removing deadwood from a treeThere are a lot of reasons for removing deadwood Harare. Deadwood is a natural process for many fast growing trees such as silver maples, locusts and birch. Branches dry off in trees for a lot of reasons. Lack of sunlight and disease can result in dead branches.

Here are the reasons for removing deadwood Harare.

Safety Reasons

Deadwood poses dangers to people, property and pets. Falling dead branches can injure someone or worse, result in death in Harare when branches snap. Deadwood becomes brittle which makes them prone to breaking off during thunder storms or even light winds.

To protect the health of the tree

You should not wait for a tree to break off during thunderstorms for you to take action in Harare. However this exposes the heartwood of the tree. The rough ends may also make a perfect site for insects to make their home. Moreover, water can also stand in the fissures resulting in rotting and pests and fungus.

A certified abhorist like Tree Cutting Services (Pvt) Ltd can help you providing a natural woodland  environment today. Whilst many species of birds are attracted to dead wood, it is better to attach deadwood within the canopy artificially.

To manage tree moisture in Harare

This is also one of the reasons for removing deadwood harare.