There are so many tree cutters in Harare and Zimbabwe. Travel along any road in Harare and in most instances, you will see banners and metal pieces written “Tree Cutter” nailed on trees, on top of small balanced rocks, with a cell number written under the inscription. Finding a tree cutter seems so easy especially if you need someone to cut that old fir or cyprus tree leaning treacherously towards your house. It seems more easier when you approach the gentleman seated under a tree and they tell you the cost and it seems so cheaper, affordable and reasonable.

Some of the gentleman who advertise their trade in this way are really good tree cutters. They will tell you of the experience they have amassed over the years and bring out proof in the form of references. Right? Convinced, you take them along and let them cut down that big tree at your house, located near the house that you treasure so much. That part of your place that you call home. That place you are comfortable and free, away from the troubles of the outside world. That tree located near power lines, telephone cables, durawall, plumbing fixtures and your children’s playing cabin.

You show them that tree and off you rush to work, leaving them with your gardener. Things are fine until…

You receive a call from the gardener some minutes after you leave. “Madam, come home quickly!!!!” You feel the urgency in the gardener’s voice. You then ask why. You are justified in asking. The gardener knows you do not come home unless it’s lunch or end of day. They tell you, “Madam, that giant tree has come falling onto the house”. Your world suddenly crumbles and the handset nearly falls out of your hand.

Things will become more tricky after you realise you will be the one to repair the house after the tree cutter points out they do not have insurance.

One important question that is often overlooked is whether or not a tree care company is fully insured. Property owners accept a huge amount of risk when they hire landscapers and tree crews that are not fully insured, and the repercussions can be costly and dangerous.

In Zimbabwe, it is important for anyone who wants to have their trees cut to see if the tree cutting company is insured. As highlighted above, some of the individuals who cut down trees but without insurance many be very good. They may have cut hundreds and hundreds of trees. However, accidents do happen even to experienced people. As a property owner, protect yourself from such mishaps by making use of an insured tree cutting services company like TCS.

TCS has¬†General Liability insurance coverage which gives you financial protection against any property damage. This includes damage to your home or surrounding property such as fences, sheds, and other structures. Damage can easily occur due to falling tree limbs, incorrect use of equipment or tools, or fires caused by damaged electricity lines. ¬†Homeowners Insurance will not cover damages caused by tree or landscape companies since it is the homeowner’s responsibility to confirm their contractors are properly insured.

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