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Our Tree Cutting Cost Harare Ranges from as Little as $20.00 to as much as above $1400 depending on location.

Now you have that tree you want to have cut. And you do not know how much it is going to cost? Well, this tree cutting cost page should put your mind to rest. With tree cutting cost, it is always important to come onsite and get to see the tree. Because as you know, trees exist in defferent scenarios. Whilst we have those that fall without any hindrance, there are some which are located close to buildings, power lines, durawalls and other critical infrastructure. Some are large, some are small, some have a huge branch network, some are soft and some are hard. Therefore, it is important to come onsite and do an onsite assessment. Our site assessment is free in Harare and surrounding areas. But what if you are far from Harare and you are interested in our services. The following guideline and range will assist you.


Tree Cutting Cost and Guideline

Small Tree with few Branches Located Close to Nothing – $30 to $90.00

Small Tree with Few Branches Located Close to Building/Power Lines/Durawall etc – $50 to $110.00

Medium Sized Tree Located Close to Nothing  – $60.00 – $150.00

Medium Sized Tree Located Close to Buildings/Power Lines/Durawall etc – $120 – $280.00

Large Tree Located Close to Nothing – $150 – $400.00

Large Tree Located to Critical Infrastructure – $200 – $1400.00

Very Huge Tree Located Close to Critial Infrastructure – Above $1400.00


However, do not be afraid to contact us if the above tree cutting prices shock you. We are comfortable discussing with you how much you can pay. Our tree cutting cost is therefore customisable and our customers love us because of this. We can also arrange special payment terms in special circumstances