Tree Removal Cost Harare Guide

You might curious to know how much it costs to have a tree cut in Harare. You are not alone. We get a lot of calls of people wanting to know over the phone how much it shall cost to cut a tree in Harare. Although we do not charge for a tree cutting assessment, people will require an estimate over, perhaps for comparative purposes. This is however, a difficult question. This article will try give clients an idea of tree removal cost guide in Harare. This guide will help in laying out how much it costs to have different types of trees removed from your property.

Tree Removal Cost Harare in Brieftree cutting cost harare

Our Tree Removal Price Range = $40 – $1500+

Average Cost = $180 – $450.00

Lowest and Cheapest Price = $40.00

However, we need to say in clear terms there is no standard way to determine tree removal cost in Harare. Therefore, the above summary serves just for your guideline. The prices above just involves chopping down the whole tree. This usually involves roping down the pieces of the tree and cutting the logs into manageable pieces. However, there might be need for extra charges such as site clearance. It is therefore very important for clients to get ask what the tree cutting quotation therefore entails. The following costs, which are different from tree removal cost, will cost you money.

What Factors Affect Tree Removal Cost Harare

Tree Removal Cost will depend on various factors. That is why we always recommend a site visit so that our specialists will establish factors on the ground. We do not charge for someone to come and do an assessment in Harare. However, tree removal costs will depend on the following:

The Location of the Tree

A tree that is located close to buildings, power lines and other critical obstacles is more likely to be

tree removal cost harare
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expensive than a tree located far from buildings. This is because trees located close to buildings will need more personnel, more resources and time. Our liability as a company also goes up in this scenario. A tree located far from buildings is the opposite.

Size of Tree

When we talk about the size of a tree, we mean the total height of the tree. Height is a critical factor in determining tree removal cost Harare. The common practice among tree cutting companies is to charge per metre of height. Common practice classifies a small tree as less than 10 metres. Medium sized trees are in the range of between 10 and 18 metres, whilst large trees generally stand between 18 and 24 metres. Very tall trees are are higher than 24 metres. It is therefore common for tree cutting companies to use the size of a tree to determine the cost of that tree.

Thickness of Tree

tree removal cost harare
A dead Tree. Image Credit:

Also known as diameter, the thickness of a tree also plays a critical role in how much a person can pay. If a tree is much more thicker than the other, it shall mean it will take more time to remove. A tall and thin tree will be cut down quicker than a shorter but thick tree. This will therefore affect the cost per hour price people shall pay.

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Dead Trees

Depending on the size, a fallen dead tree might not take time to cut as compared to a live one.Therefore, it might be cheaper to cut. However, in some situation, a dead tree standing upright may be expensive to cut than an alive one. This is because its much risky to cut as it can break easily. A tree feller can fall even if they are putting on full protective clothing when a branch breaks.


Extra Services that Cost Money in Harare

As a tree removal and tree cutting company in Harare, there are services that we charge extra. Services that we charge extra are as follows.

Stump Removals Harare.

When you are quoted for tree removal cost Harare, this cost, will not include stump removals. It is therefore likely you shall be left with a stump on your property. Stumps in Harare and Zimbabwe can be removed in different ways. We can use manual means. Here, our personnel shall use axes, hoes and shovels to dig out the stump. Or we may employ mechanical ways. Mechanical stump removal involves the use of earth moving equipment like TLBs, excavators or dozers. The former, though mostly cheap, is time consuming. The price range for stump removals usually ranges from $40 to as much as $800.00, or even more, depending on the location. Rotting stumps are usually cheaper than a health solid stump.

Site Clearance

Site clearance involves taking the wood, twigs and leaves away from site and dumping it in City of Harare designated areas like Pomona Dump Site. We use different trucks depending on the quantities to be moved. We use a 1 tonne, 5 tonne or a 10 tonne. A 1 tonne shall cost between $15 to $30. A 5 tonne shall cost between $30 and $50 whilst a 10 tonne can cost between $50 and $100.00.

Travelling Cost

If you stay out of Harare, we shall charge you for travelling expenses. We charge you depending on whether our team shall use our truck or they use public transport. When they use our bakkie, we charge $1 per kilometre travelled. However, when they have to use public transport, public transport rates shall apply.

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